Street Retro Bikers Club
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1999年,初期只是網主Felix(翔仔)及兩三名懷舊車友, 到處結識同樣騎懷舊街車的騎士,相約出車而成.
網頁建立於2002年,正式名為Street Retro Bikers Club.

本網頁是為喜歡英式經典 , 日本彷古及懷舊街車之人士 , 提供一些有用及有趣的資訊及相片.
S.R.B.C.亦會於每年之年初三,舉行一年一度之Rockers Day聚會,歡迎喜歡懷舊街車之人士參與.

Felix started to ride retro bike back in 1999, and go out for a ride every night with couple of friends,
meets other bikers and becomes a group when members grown.

The Web Site “” established in 2002, official named “STREET RETRO BIKERS CLUB”

S.R.B.C. is the very first bike club introduces the British classic Rockers culture to Hong Kong,
also provides some useful, interesting information and photos.
An Annual Event “Rockers Day” held every year at the third day of Chinese New Year;
Peoples who interested in Retro street bikes are welcome.

S.R.B.C. favorite quotation:  If you have a bike, you also need to have a biker style.